Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing Quicklinks Template. Use this page to get familiar with the basics and learn how to edit pages and components. If you have any questions, reach out to us at



Webflow Crash Course

To use this template in the best way possible, we recommend a basic to intermediate level of understading how Webflow works. If you are a beginner, check out the resources below that will help you get the best out of this Hotel Template.



The Style Guide page will help you to ensure a continuous brand experience and the possibility to quickly change the styles of the main components all over the template.




Quicklinks Template uses color swatches which means it is very easy to update the colors site-wide to your liking.

In order to do this, you just need to go to the Style tab in the right sidebar, then scroll to Colors in Typography section, and if you click the color, you will be able to see all color swatches and edit them to be updated site-wide to any color needed.

Webflow Designer Screenshot about how to change a color swatch.
How to edit color swatches



Quicklinks, Instagram Link in Bio, Template uses typography formatted with search engines and accessibility in mind.
There are two fonts site-wide in this template, and the main one is set up in the Body (All Pages) selector. Changes to this selector (like the font) will pass down to all your text. This is a great way to set defaults so the font can match your brand.



Infinite Marquee Tool

There is an infinite scroll section in this template. Keep in mind that changing the content inside the Marquee Content Div might cause a twitch in the scrolling effect.
To avoid any kind of bugs, you can watch and follow Tymothy Rick's Youtube Tutorial.



This template has a Popup included in the homepage, that opens everytime the user clicks on the 'Sign Up' button.. It can be used to collect emails for a newsletter or for an upcoming workshop. To change the content or how the popup is displayed, you should double click on the Popup Symbol and set the Popup Wrapper to display: flex.
After you are done editing, set the Popup Wrapper to display:none once again.